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Papaya Powder, Papaw, Papaye

Also Known As:

Banane de Prairie, Caricae Papayae Folium, Chirbhita, Erandachirbhita, Erand Karkati, Green Papaya, Mamaerie, Melon Tree, Melonenbaumblaetter, Papaw, Papaya Fruit, Papayas, Papaye, Papaye Verte, Papayer, Papita.
CAUTION: See separate listings for Papain and American Pawpaw.

Scientific Name:

Carica papaya. Synonyms: Papaya carica, Carica peltata, Carica posoposa. Family: Caricaceae.

People Use This For:

Orally, papaya powder is used orally for preventing and treating gastrointestinal tract disorders, intestinal parasite infections, aging skin, and as a sedative and diuretic.
Topically, papaya leaf extract is used for nervous pains and elephantoid growths.


LIKELY SAFE ...when used orally in amounts commonly found in foods. Papaya has Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status in the US.
Papaya Powder POSSIBLY SAFE ...when used orally and appropriately in medicinal amounts.
POSSIBLY UNSAFE ...when used orally in excessive amounts; papaya may cause esophageal perforation. ...when used topically; papaya latex (raw papain) is a severe irritant and vesican.
PREGNANCY: POSSIBLY UNSAFE ...when used orally; avoid using. Crude papain shows evidence that it is teratogenic and embryotoxic; however, this might be due to extraneous substances rather than papain.
LACTATION: Insufficient reliable information available; avoid using.

Effectiveness/ Papaya Benefits:

There is insufficient reliable information available about the effectiveness of papaya leaf extract or papaya powder.

Mechanism of Action:

The applicable part of papaya is the leaf in the form of papaya leaf extract or papaya powder. Papaya leaf contains 2% papain and carpain. Papain is a mixture of enzymes that degrade protein, carbohydrates and fats. Papain is unstable in digestive juices, which raises questions about whether it can be effective when used orally. Carpain is thought to be amebicidal. It might cause bradycardia or have central nervous system depressant or paralytic effects.

Adverse Reactions:

Ingestion of large amounts of papain might cause esophageal perforation. Severe allergic reactions can occur in individuals sensitive to papain. Papaya leaf extract or papaya powder may cause hypersensitivity reactions, which occur more commonly in people who are allergic to latex.

Interactions with Herbs & Supplements:

PAPAIN: Concomitant use of papain and papaya leaf extract or papaya powder can increase the effects and adverse effects of papain.

Interactions with Drugs:

WARFARIN (Coumadin) Interaction Rating = Moderate. Be cautious with this combination. Concomitant use might potentiate the effects of warfarin increasing the international normalization ratio (INR).

Interactions with Foods:

None known.

Interactions with Lab Tests:

INTERNATIONAL NORMALIZATION RATIO (INR): Papain, which is in papaya leaf, can increase INR in people maintained on warfarin (Coumadin).

Interactions with Diseases or Conditions:

LATEX ALLERGY: People who are allergic to latex should avoid eating papaya or taking papaya-containing products such as papaya leaf extract or papaya powder because of the possibility of cross hypersensitivity between latex and papaya.


ORAL: People typically use papaya with enzyme chewable tablets which contain 250 mg of papaya powder, 150 mg of dried pineapple juice powder, and 10 mg of papain. One tablet is chewed up to three times daily, preferably after a meal.
TOPICAL: No typical dosage.


Fermenting papaya leaves may make more potent, richer brewed teas.

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