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Papaya: Overview of Purchase & Information

Papaya Powder, Papaw, Papaye

Alternative Names

Banane de Prairie
Chirbhita, Caricae Papayae Folium
Erand Karkati
Green Papaya
Melonenbaumblaetter, Melon Tree, Mamaerie
Papaye, Papita, Papaw, Papayer, Papaya Fruit, Papaye Verte, Papayas

Please see separate listing for American Pawpaw and Papain.

Scientific Name

Papaya belongs to the plant family Caricaceae. Scientific name used for papaya is Carica papaya. Synonyms used for papaya fruit are Carica posoposa, Papaya carica and Carica peltata.

Why do People use Papaya?

There are several uses for the oral preparations of papaya fruit, like papaya powder. It is used for:
• The treatment of numerous disorders pertaining to gastrointestinal tract.
• Reducing the infection caused by several intestinal parasites.
• Decreasing the effects of aging on skin. In other words, it is used as an anti-aging agent.
• The induction of sedation.
• Increasing the output of urine.

Topically Topically, the leaves of papaya fruit are used for the treatment of elephantoid growths and nervous pains.

Is Papaya Safe to use?

Likely Safe
Both papaya fruit and papaya powder are likely safe when used orally in a dose mostly used in food items. Papaya is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status in the United States.

Possibly Safe
Both papaya fruit or papaya powder are safe to use orally, as long as they are used in an amount present in different medicines.

Possibly Unsafe
Excessive use of papaya fruit or papaya powder may cause several side effects. For instance, esophageal perforations have been reported in individuals making excessive use of papaya.
The topical application of papaya may also trigger some unwanted side effects. The topical application of papaya latex (raw papin) act as a vesicant and severe irritant.

Women who are pregnant or are expecting to be pregnant should avoid oral consumption of papaya fruit or papaya powder. Results of preliminary research has shown that certain constituents of papaya, papin for instance, act as a toxin for embryo. Therefore, papaya fruit or papaya powder may act as an embryotoxic and teratogenic agent when consumed during pregnancy. However, these findings have not been confirmed yet and these effects may be due to some extraneous substance and not due to papin in particular.

Women who are breastfeeding their children should avoid the use of papaya fruit and papaya powder. There is lack of reliable information to rate the safety of use of papaya during lactation.

Is Papaya Effective?

Nothing can be said with certainty about the effectiveness of papaya fruit, papaya powder or papaya leaf extracts. There is lack of authentic information to prove the effectiveness of papaya for its commonly used purposes.

How Papaya Works?

Leaves make up the applicable part of papaya. These leaves are often turned into papaya leaf extracts or papaya powder. Papaya leaf contains different chemical substances. For instance, it contains carpain and 2% papain. Papin is basically a mixture of enzymes that functions to degrade different chemical substances including fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It can’t be said with certainty if papaya is active when consumed orally. It is an established fact that papaya fruit or papaya powder is unstable in gastric juice. Therefore, if papaya works through oral route is questionable. There is some evidence that shows that carpain constituent of papaya is amebicidal. Papaya fruit may also be responsible for some unwanted effects like central nervous system depression, paralysis of body muscles, and slowing of heart rate (bradycardia).

What are the Adverse Reactions of Papaya?

Several adverse reactions have been reported with the oral consumption of papaya fruit or powder or topical application of papaya.
• Esophageal perforations have been reported in individuals consuming large amounts of papaya fruit or papaya powder.
• Paparin in papaya is responsible for triggering severe allergic reactions in individuals sensitive to this chemical ingredient of papaya fruit.
• Papaya fruit or papaya powder may lead to hypersensitivity reactions. This effect is especially seen in those individuals who are sensitive to latex.

How Papaya Interacts with Herbs & Supplements?

Papaya fruit interacts with different herbs and supplements in following manner:

The adverse effects caused by papain are exaggerated greatly by the concomitant use of papaya fruit or papaya powder with papain.

How Papaya Interacts with Drugs?

Papaya powder interacts with drugs in following fashion:

Warfarin (Coumadin)
Papaya interacts with this anticoagulant drug in a moderate fashion. Observe caution while using papaya fruit or papaya powder along with warfarin. Some research has shown that papaya can increase the anticoagulant effect of warfarin. This may result in an increase in the Internal Normalizaiton Ratio (INR).

How Papaya Interacts with Foods?

There is no known interaction of papaya with other food items.

How Papaya Interacts with Lab Tests?

Papin, an active ingredient of papaya leaf and papaya fruit, can increase the INR value for patients using warfarin.

How Papaya Interacts with Diseases or Conditions?

Papaya fruit or papaya powder interacts with diseases or conditions in following manner:

Latex Allergy
People who are suffering from some sort of latex allergy should avoid the use of papaya fruit or products made from papaya like papaya leaf extracts and papaya powder. Cross hypersensitivity may be seen with papaya and latex.

What should be the Administration/Dosage of Papaya?

• People traditionally use papaya in the form of chewable enzyme tablets. These tablets contain 250 mg papaya powder, 10 mg papain and 150 mg dried powder made from pineapple juice.
• These tablets are chewed after meals for at least three times a day.

TopicalThere is no typical dose for the topical use of papaya.


FTea made from the fermenting leaves of papaya tend to be richer.

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