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Alternative Names

Triphala is an ayurvedic formula consisting of equal parts of: Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)

Scientific Name

Triphala Is An Ayurvedic Formula

Why Do People Use Triphala?

Triphala is normally used as a cleaning agent, including as a blood cleanser. It has high nutritional value, such as high levels of vitamin C. Due to its high amount of vitamin C, Triphala is usually consumed as a food supplement in the Western countries. In reality, the advantages of this herb are so understood that a famous and reliable Indian personality says “You do not have a mother? Don't worry, until you have Triphala in your life!” In past years, various research studies have confirmed that it is helpful in the treatment of different ailments including cancer. It is also found to have high level of antioxidants and is even effective for treatment against stress and noise induced conditions.

Is It Safe To Use?

There is no reliable information about topical or oral safety of triphala powder.

How Effective Is Triphala?

Amla (Emblica Officinalis) or Amalaki is vitamin C rich fruit that improves immunity level and is a viable antioxidant that expels lethal poisons from the body. Amla serves to sustain and empower the respiratory tract and lungs by removing mucus. Vitamin C in Amla is considered effective in menstrual abnormalities. Amla improves blood and heart function by improving iron status. Its detox property improves skin texture. Vibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica) Vibhitaki acts as a blood purifier. It is an inner cleaning agent evacuating lethal toxins and fats out of the body. Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral abilities sustain voice quality and enhance vision in human beings. It also improve hair growth. Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) Haritaki has five tastes or rasas: sour, sweet, biting, salty, astringent and impactful. It improves the functioning of sensory organs and digestive system. It is helpful in anemia, combating piles, gall stones and gastro-intestinal problems.

How Triphala Works?

Health advisers do not suggest oral or topical consumption of triphala during pregnancy because it may be responsible for acute diarrhea or during pregnancy. Highly under weighted individuals should discontinue or avoid using this product as it has weight decreasing effects.

What Are The Side Effects /Adverse Reactions of Triphala?

Not known.

How Triphala Interacts With Other Herbs and Supplements?

Not known.

How Triphala Interacts With Drugs?

Not known.

How Triphala Interacts With Foods?

Not known.

How Triphala Interacts With Lab Tests?

Not known.

How Triphala Interacts With Diseases and Conditions?

Not known.

What Should Be the Dose/Administration of Triphala?

Health adviser advise only one teaspoon of triphala. If you want to take more dosage, you should increase its quantity step by step. Put one rounded tablespoon for purging effect or one teaspoon for slight cleansing into one cup of fruit juice or simple water and let it down to the surface of liquid overnight or minimum for two hours. Triphala has a solid taste so it is quite easy if you use it as juice or even better if you put some honey on the tongue before swallowing each gulp.


Use of triphala may cause significant nausea.

General Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Specification sheet links below are a standard copy of the COA less the batch or lot number and manufactures dates. Specification sheet can be dated and should only be considered as a general information. Please contact and request an up to date COA if needed for specific updated information before placing order by filling out the contact form with product name and SKU number. If ordering quantities of twenty five kilos or more contact for availability.

Specification Sheets

Triphala Powder


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