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Root Powder, Raw Powder, Online Herbs @ amazondiscovery.com - May 17th 2013!

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Amazon Discovery is an online herb supplier of nutritional food products. Our mission is to bring quality herbs, fruit, vegetable and marines. These nutritional food products are ONLY AVALIABLE in powder, concentrated powder extracts and standardized extracts. For quantity wholesale pricing visit Wholesale Prices for small kilo quantities visit Products Page

Manufacturers are now held to GMP certified standards and must meet FDA regulations. All raw powder, herb powder, fruit powder and root powder products are required to have COA, MSDS and Allergen GMO documents with each individual product sold. Which makes Amazon Discovery one the best online herb stores to be purchased from. Click on this link Compliance Document to revicw compliance of Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Purchasing from manufactures worldwide, supporting local economies which in turn benefit our customers with high quality raw powder products and the indigenous people working the local farms and wild harvests were possible.

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Placing your order with Amazon Discovery online is a simple process by using our search this site box type in the product trade name or botanical name to bring up a suggested list or by clicking on the products tab at top of the pages will take you to the main product page which list the top sellers in the herb, fruit, vegetable and marines. For more products click the More Herb, More Fruit, More Vegetable or More Marines for complete lists.

In each category all the products are listed in alphabetical order by trade name followed by botanical nave click on the individual product link to review key information about the product along with ability to order product right from the products page. For product purchase scroll down to SKU choose the strength and kilo price from the drop menu using the arrow in the field Please Select. Type in the kilo amount then click Add to Cart.

From shopping cart item description is displayed along with quantity click Back To Shopping to transverse back to Product Category Page or click the product link in the shopping cart to go back to specific product page.

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Amazon Discovery website is a source for raw powders, fruit powder, herb powder, root powder that is all natural no chemical or preservatives are added. Each product page provides a monograph of the product if available. Some product pages carry a COA less the batch number and manufacture date used as general information.

To request an updated Certificate Of Analysis (COA), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Allergen documentation use the Email US box that is located at the bottom right on each page. When requesting information submit product trade name, botanical name and information requested.

NOW ORDER TOLL FREE 24/7 855-766-1772

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We can supply all your nutritional product needs!

Amazon Discovery provides superior quality and superior service at comparative prices. We take pride in serving our customer needs. At Amazon Discovery, all our customers are given the attention they deserve.Herb Powder, Fruit Powder, Vegetable Powder, Marine Powder

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Herb Powder & Herb Powder Extracts

Herb Powders
We stock 300 different types of herb powders. Our powder extracts vary in strength. For a specific product, check its scientific name and availability.   Read More

Fruit Powder & Fruit Powder Extracts

Fruit Powders
We stock 80 different types of fruit powders. Our powder extracts vary in strength. For a specific product, check its scientific name and availability.   Read More

Vegetable Powder & Vegetable Powder Extracts

Vegetable Powders
We stock 95 different types of vegetable powders. Our powder extracts vary in strength. For a specific product, check its scientific name and availability.   Read More

Marine Powder & Maring Powder Extracts

Marine Powders
We stock 35 different types of marine powders. Our powder extracts vary in strength. For a specific product, check its scientific name and availability.   Read More

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