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Product Guarantee

NOTICE WHEN ORDERING: Customer is required to check the box stating that the guarantee policy was read and agreed to during the order process. If the customer has any question or concern please contact customer support using the email us box on the contact page stating the question or concern.

Products are guaranteed for thirty days from the date of delivery customer must notify customer service before the thirty day time period expires.

All powder products are classified by the FDA as food grade and are subject to the following guidelines for return. NOTE: If the actual polyurethane bag has been opened and the mechanical seal compromised. This would classify the product as contaminated and could not be restocked into inventory.
1. Product was found to be mislabeled from fulfillment when shipped. (All order records are kept on file of products ordered and shipped along with batch or lot number for verification).
2. If the product received is misidentified by proven testing analysis documentation from in house or third party testing lab this is mandatory if product inner packaging has been compromised.
3. Damage caused by shipping compromising the inner packaging polyurethane bag. (Please contact shipper as well notifying product was delivered damaged).
4. Product was not opened customer wants to return for whatever reason. (NOTE: Customer will be responsible for delivery and return shipping cost along with a fifteen percent restocking fee).

Customer must notify customer service within the thirty day time period by email or phone of a return request filling out the online return request form submit the form by email. This form will be reviewed and a determination upon denial or approval for the return will be issued to the customer by email along with return details for labeling and shipper pickup. Please make sure to print this form for future reference.

NOTE PLACING ORDER: Scientific names can change and are always not updated on the website or may list multiple scientific names that the product may have. If the scientific name is important to what is required please contact customer service by email using the email us box on the contact page before ordering. If quantities are larger than twenty five kilos please contact through the email us box with product name or SKU number for availability and wholesale pricing.

Product Documentation

Manufactures and suppliers ONLY supply Certificate of Analysis, MSDS an GMO allergenic documentation.

Domestic Delivery

All domestic shipping is UPS Ground, 3 day select or 2nd day.

CUSTOMER REFUSAL OF DELIVERY: Should a customer refuse a delivery and shipment is returned all costs for original shipment, return shipment and a 15% restocking fee will be assessed should the cost exceed the payment received additional charges will be assessed.

BUSINESS ACCOUNT NUMBER this option has been modified. UPS shipping charges are automatically calculated and billed to customer upon ordering. We still allow for customers to use their FedEx or UPS accounts provided when placing an online order that a valid account number is placed in the field UPS or FedEx account number or noted in the customer comments field. Customer using valid customer accounts will receive refund of any paid shipping charge.

Military Base ONLY is the only exception for postal delivery. We DO NOT ship using postal service domestic or international.

Fulfillment normally takes 2-3 business days and is not considered as part of business days in shipping method option.

Canadian Delivery

All shipments to Canada are UPS customer is responsible for all DUTY and TAX into Canada.

All orders that are refused or undeliverable will be considered abandon and not returned should the cost of the shipment exceed the cost of the products shipped. Be aware that the brokerage cost and tax coming back to the USA is close to twice the amount as going into Canada.

NOTE: If the cost of the products that are returned are within the cost of shipping , duty fees and taxes then order will be authorized for a return when received all shipping charges will be no refundable along with a 15% restocking fee.

International Delivery

International shipments are shipped by DHL Express. Optional shipping can be used by customer if customer has a preferred shipping account with the shipping company such as DHL, UPS, FedEx ect. Place the account number in the shipping account field also in the comments state the name and account number of the shipping company. Note: The DHL shipping will be charged upon ordering but this charge will be refunded to the customer once their shipping account is verified and shipped with their preferred ship company.

Refusing delivery, duty fees or customs quarantines customer is responsible for knowing the customs regulations for products being ordered . Amazon Discovery is not responsible for not-delivery customer will be charge all shipping costs and products lost if non-returnable (ship return cost higher then cost of product) either returned or non-return.
Customer should check ship country customs regulations before ordering there is no money back for non-delivery.

Manufacture & Suplier Delivery

All 20ft and 40ft containers are received port head NY. FDA inspector on site conducts product identification and microbiology testing cross referenced within country sample and documentation this can be for up to the first five shipments to NY port. If spot testing does not pass the load of 20 tons or 40 tons if same product is rejected and destroyed by administering Clorox through the load on spot in front of FDA inspector to provide the manufacture or supplier that the load has been destroyed. NO PAYMENTS ARE MADE TO LOST LOADS

Guarantee & Delivery Information

Information on this page can change and updated please review this page when ordering noting any details that might affect ordering. Updated 06/11/2014

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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