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Iporuru: Overview of Information & Price Quote

Alternative Names

Iporuro, Iporoni, Ipururo and Ipurosa

Scientific Name

Scientific name of Iporuru is Alchornea castaneifolia and it belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family of plants.

Why do People use Iporuru?

The oral preparations of Alchornea castaneifolia (Iporuru), like iporuru powder, are used for a number of purpose like for rheumatism, for cough, thrush and as a diuretic, cathartic, for lowering blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, impotence, headache, diarrhea, snakebite, chills. Other oral purposes of iporuru powder are for dysmenorrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, gonorrhea, leprosy, jaundice, ophthalmia, malaria, stimulating digestion, ringworm, urethritis, toothache, chancre, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, aphrodisiac and emetic.

Alchornea castaneifolia can be applied to the skin in order to treat colds, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain and for stingray wounds.

Is Iporuru Safe to use?

There is no valid information available to rate overall safety of iporuru.

Avoid In Lactation & Pregnancy
Iporuru should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women because there is no valid and authentic information about the safety of iporuru powder for both mentioned conditions.

How Effective is Iporuru?

Regarding the effectiveness of iporuru, there is lack of authentic information available.

What is Mechanism of Action of Iporuru?

The most effective part of Alchornea castaneifolia include the bark, root and leaves. However, about the possible mechanism of iporuru there is insufficient information available.

Side effects of Iporuru?

There is no side effect reported due to iporuru.

How Iporuru Interacts with Herbs & Supplements?

There is lack of reliable information available regarding the interaction between iporuru powder and various supplements & herbs.

How Iporuru Interacts with Drugs?

There is no reported interaction between Alchornea castaneifolia and different drugs.

How Iporuru Interacts with Lab Tests?

There are no reports of interaction between iporuru powder and different lab results.

How Iporuru Interacts with Diseases or Conditions?

None known.

What should be Administration or Dosage of Iporuru?

Iporuru is generally used as a tea with one teaspoon of dried leaves added to four ounces of hot boiling water. This tea is consumed 1-3 times every day. Iporuru as a tincture (4:1) is orally taken with in a dose of 2-3 mL every day.



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