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Alternative Names

Apacin, Anamu, Apazote de zorro, Apacina, Aposin, Aveterinaryte, Ave, Chasser vermine, Calauchin, Congo root, Douvant-douvant, Emeruaiuma, Guinea henweed, Garlic weed, Guinea, Guine, Gully root, Guinea hen leaf, Hierba de las gallinitas, Herbe aux poules, Huevo de gato, Kuan, Kojo root, Kudjuruk, Lemuru, Lemtewei, Mapurit, Mal pouri, Mucura-caa, Mapurite, Mucuracáa, Mucura, Ocano, Pipi, Payche, Tipi, Verveine puante, Verbena hedionda, Zorrillo

Scientific Name

Petiveria Alliacea

Why Do People Use Anamu?

Numerous societies have used Anamu blossoms, leaves and roots for cures of a number of health conditions. These days research is being conducted to find out about its utilization in fighting both leukemia and immune disorders. All in all, it is a typical solution for flus and infections, colds and may forestall and lessen Candida, urinary tract diseases and yeast infection. Anamu powder is likewise an influential inflammatory and pain reliever. However, that is not all. People also use Petiveria alliacea (Anamu) as antifungal, antibacterial, antitumorous and antiviral agent. It has an effective capability to help the immune system and manage the sensory system, documentation on the herb demonstrates that it was customarily utilized as an anti-anxiety aid. It was likewise a well-known as an antioxidant and was used as an aid that could help in fighting free radicals from the body, and was also an antispasmodic, diaphoretic, anti-rheumatic and diuretic. With a different capacity to lower fever and purpose digestive upset, this herb was profoundly revered by customary medicinalists. Anamu powder with organic properties gives numerous health benefits because of its distinctive composite on of a few organic dynamic compounds. Some of these incorporate benzoic acid, flavonoids, triterpenes, coumarin, tannins, senfol, steroids, isoarborinol, sulfuric agents and trithiolaniacine.

Is It Safe To Use?

Not known.

How Effective Is Anamu?

Not known.

How Anamu Works?

A published research on Anamu and the plant chemicals (depicted above), uncovered that it has a wide scope of cytotoxic properties, including antitumorous, antileukemic and anticancerous effect against a number of cancer cells. In an in vitro contemplate by Italian specialists in 1990, water concentrates and ethanol concentrates of anamu impeded the development of leukemia cells and a few different strains of harmful tumor cells. After three years, the scientists caught up with a study which demonstrated that the same concentrates had a cytotoxic impact, as opposed to simply hindering the development of tumor cells. This study demonstrated that entire herb water concentrates of Petiveria alliacea were dangerous to lymphoma and leukemia disease cells however just repressed the development of breast cancer cells. Another study published in year 2002 recorded an in vitro cytotoxic impact against a liver cancer cell line. One more in vitro study in year 2001 reported that anamu powder impeded the development of brain cancer cell. A German study recording anamu's potential against brain tumor cells related the anticancer activities of anamu to the sulfur mixes found in the plant. In addition to its reported anticancerous properties, anamu has additionally been found in both in vitro and in vivo studies to have an immunostimulant action. In a study in 1993 with mice, a water concentrate triggered immune cell generation (Interleukin II and lymphocytes). In that year, another study with mice exhibited that an anamu concentrate improved the activity of natural cell killer activity by 100% and empowered the generation of considerably more sorts of immune mediators (Interleukin II, Interferon and Interleukin 4). Another research from 1997-2001 further proved anamu's immunostimulant activities in animals and humans. Petiveria alliacea’s conventional use as a solution for joint pain and rheumatism has been accepted by clinical exploration affirming its pain-reliving and calming properties. One examination conducted in Sweden reported that anamu powder has cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1) inhibitory activities. COX-1 inhibitors are another (and very productive) class of joint inflammation medications being sold today by pharmaceuticals. Another study conducted in Brazil recorded huge calming impacts in rats utilizing different models and scientists in 2002 noted significant pain alleviating impacts of anamu in rats. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving impacts were even confirmed when an ethanol concentrate was applied topically in rats. While anamu powder has not been utilized broadly for diabetes; it has been documented to have hypoglycemic actions. Specialists in 1990 demonstrated the in vivo hypoglycemic impact of Petiveria alliacea, showing that anamu diminished glucose levels by more than 60% one hour after administration to mice. This discovering reflects natural solution rehearse in Cuba where anamu has been utilized as a home grown help for diabetes for a long time.

What Are The Side Effects /Adverse Reactions of Anamu?

Studies on animals confirm that anamu powder may prompt premature birth in pregnant ladies. This is due to its capacity to fortify uterine contractions. This herb is unequivocally contraindicated for pregnant ladies, or ladies who are trying to conceive. Petiveria alliacea additionally has a blood thinning impact on the body. People with blood issue ought to counsel their specialist before taking this herb. It might likewise cause intricacies in those people with hypoglycemia.

How Anamu Interacts With Other Herbs and Supplements?

Not known.

How Anamu Interacts With Drugs?

Not known.

How Anamu Interacts With Foods?

Not known.

How Anamu Interacts With Lab Tests?

Not known.

How Anamu Interacts With Diseases and Conditions?

Not known.

What Should Be the Dose/Administration of Anamu?

No specific dose.



General Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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