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Alternative Names

Astragale, Astragalus, Astragale Queue-de-Renard, Astragale à Feuilles de Réglisse, Astragale Réglissier, Astragali Membranaceus, Astragalo, Astragali, Astragli Membranceus, Bei Qi, Beg Kei, Buck Qi, Chinese Astragalus, Devil's Claw Root, Huang Se, Huang Qi, Hwanggi, Milk Vetch, Membranous Milk Vetch, Mongolian Milk, Ogi, Radix Astragalus, Radix Astragali, Réglisse Sauvage, Réglisse Bâtarde CAUTION: Please refer to separate listing for Tragacanth

Scientific Name

Astragalus Membranaceus

Why Do People Use Astragalus?

Astragalus, alternatively known as devil’s claw root, is utilized for the treatment of upper respiratory infections, common cold, swine flu, allergic rhinitis, fibromyalgia, to regulate and strengthen the immune system, against HIV or AIDS and anemia. Astragalus powder is additionally utilized orally for chronic nephritis, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), as an antibacterial, diabetes, as a tonic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent, as a liver protectant, as a diuretic or vasodilator, antioxidant and as a hypotensive agent. Astragalus membranaceus (Astragalus) is utilized to speed healing and it also acts as a vasodilator. A mixture of astragalus powder and Ligustrum lucidum is utilized orally for treating breast cancer, lung cancer and cervical cancer.

Is It Safe To Use?

Possibly safe - Astragalus powder is safe when used orally in appropriate doses. Yet toxic side effects have not been reported, but particular steps can be taken to ensure the safety of user. Pregnancy and Lactation - Those females who are either pregnant or are feeding their infants should avoid the use of Astragalus membranaceus. There is lack of reliable information to determine the safety of use of astragalus powder during these conditions.

How Effective Is Astragalus?

Insufficient Reliable Information to Rate for Allergic Rhinitis - Clinical experiments have shown that using 160 mg of astragalus powder or extract of astragalus root, which consists of 40% polysaccharides, for two time a day for consecutively three to six weeks can overcome the symptoms of rhinorrhea, itching and sneezing as compared to placebo. Breast Cancer - There is some proof that adjuvant utilization of astragalus powder with blend of glossy privet can improve the rate of survival in patients suffering from the cancer of breast. Common Cold - There is some scientific evidence that long term ingestion of Astragalus membranaceus may lessen the danger of catching common cold. Hepatitis There are some evidences that intravenous utilization of astragalus may give benefits to chronic hepatitis patients. Cancer of Lung There are some confirmations that taking astragalus powder may assist recovery in lung cancer patients. More proof is required to rate astragalus powder effectiveness for these usage.

How Astragalus Works?

Root of Astragalus is its applicable part. Astragalus powder and Astragalus root contain a number of dynamic constituents like isoflavones, astragaloside, isoflavans, pterocarpans, minerals, polysaccharides, coumarins and amino acids. Astragalus powder shows cell reinforcement. Astragalus membranaceus increases superoxide dismutase activity and thus decreases the production of free radical and lipid peroxidation. Astragalus powder also benefits liver, cardiovascular system and immune system. Astragalus root appears to enhance the immune reactions. In laboratory analysis, the polysaccharide constituents of astragalus powder seem to tie and activate macrophages and B cells, however not to T cells. Astragalus potentiates the impacts of interferon, builds antibody levels of IgG and IgA in nasal secretions and improves interleukin-2 levels. Moreover, there are some confirmations that astragalus concentrates, for example, devil’s claw root powder and astragalus powder, can enhance or restore immune deficiency. Astragalus appears to restore in vitro T-cell capacity, which is smothered in cancer patients. In model of animals, astragalus concentrate, for example, devil’s law root powder or astragalus powder can reduce cyclophosphamide induced immune system deficiency. Lower doses of Astragalus membranaceus seem to fortify the immune system, yet doses more than 28 grams may suppress immunity. The results of in vitro studies have shown that it can increase sperm mortality. In people with symptoms of chronic hepatitis, it appears to enhance liver function as exhibited by change in levels of serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (SGPT). Astragalus powder is additionally thought to cause vasodilation and build heart output, which may be useful in patients with congestive heart failure, angina and post-myocardial infarction. In models of animal heart failure, Astragalus membranaceus seems to build up renal and myocardial functions, perhaps because of natriuretic and diuretic impacts. A pharmacokinetic assessment in a sound human volunteer recommends that astragalus flavonoids are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

What Are The Side Effects /Adverse Reactions of Astragalus?

Astragalus powder is well-tolerated. In some clinical trial, reported side effects include pharyngitis, rhinosinusitis, nausea, enterocolitis, vulvitis and lacunar angina. Nonetheless, these effects might not have been due to astragalus. Doses greater than 28 grams may be the reason of immunosuppression.

How Astragalus Interacts With Other Herbs and Supplements?

Not known.

How Astragalus Interacts With Drugs?

Astragalus powder may be dangerous when it interacts with following drugs: • Cyclophosphamide • Immunosuppressants • Lithium

How Astragalus Interacts With Foods?

Not known.

How Astragalus Interacts With Lab Tests?

Not known.

How Astragalus Interacts With Diseases and Conditions?

Immune system Diseases - Astragalus powder appears to strengthen immune function. Therefore, ask patients with immune disorders, for example, different sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) or others to use or avoid astragalus with caution.

What Should Be the Dose/Administration of Astragalus?

ORAL For orally purpose, allergic rhinitis a particular astragalus root concentrate, standardized to contain 40% polysaccharides, in a dose of 160 mg twice every day has been utilized. For common cold, dosage of 4-7 grams for every day is normally utilized. Astragalus powder with dosage of 1-30 grams every day has been utilized traditionally. In few cases, individuals have utilized Devil’s claw root powder or Astragalus powder with dosage of 30-60 grams per day. However, this should be avoided as any dose above 28 grams per day doesn’t improve outcomes and may even cause additional side effects due to the ability of Astragalus membranaceus to suppress immune system at higher doses. TOPICAL No regular dose.


Astragalus root is mostly utilized as a part of mixture with different herbs. Few species of astragalus possess neurotoxin swainsonine and have been connected to animals poisonings. Some of these species are Astragalus mollissimus, Astragalus lentiginosus and others. Nonetheless, these types of astragalus are generally not found in dietary supplements utilized by people. Many astragalus supplements, for example, devil's claw root powder or astragalus powder possess Astragalus membranaceus.

General Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Specification sheet links below are a standard copy of the COA less the batch or lot number and manufactures dates. Specification sheet can be dated and should only be considered as a general information. Please contact and request an up to date COA if needed for specific updated information before placing order by filling out the contact form with product name and SKU number. If ordering quantities of twenty five kilos or more contact for availability.


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