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Alternative Names

Arbre de Judas, Baccae, Baises de Sureau, Black-Berried Alder, Black Elder, Black Elderberry, Boor Tree, Bountry, Common Elder, Elder, Elder Berry, Elderberries, Elderberry Fruit, Ellanwood, Ellhorn, European Alder, European Black Elder, European Black Elderberry, European Elderberry, European Elder Fruit, European Elderberry, Fruit de Sureau, Grand Sureau, Hautbois, Holunderbeeren, Sabugeuiro-negro, Sambequier, Sambu, Sambuc, Sambuci Sambucus, Sambugo, Sauco, Saúco Europeo, Schwarzer Holunder, Seuillet, Seuillon, Sureau, Sureau Européen, Sureau Noir, Sus, Suseau, Sussier CAUTION: Please refer to separate listings for American Elder, Dwarf Elder, and Elderflower

Scientific Name

Sambucus Nigra

Why Do People Use Elderberry?

Oral preparations of Sambucus nigra (Ederberry powder) H1N1 "swine" flu and influenza ("the flu"). It is also used as a laxative, for stimulating immune function, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), HIV/AIDS, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, sciatica, sinusitis, cancer, neuralgia and as a diaphoretic and diuretic. In Manufacturing Activities - Elderberry fruit is utilized as a food flavoring agent and for the preparation of wine.

Is It Safe To Use?

Possibly Safe - Extract of elderberry fruit seems to be safe when consumed for short-term and orally. Particular extract of elderberry fruit (Sambucol, Nature's Way) has been safely used for up to five days. There is another particular fruit extract of elderberry lozenge called (ViraBLOC, HerbalScience) thought to be safe to use for up to two days. However, to rate the safety of elderberry’s other extract there is scarce information available. Possibly Unsafe - Elderberry stems, leaves, uncooked fruit, un-ripened fruit has reported to have some adverse effects in some individuals. Avoid In Pregnancy and Lactation - Due to the lack of authentic and sufficient information, health advisors do not advise to use elderberry powder in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How Effective Is Elderberry?

Elderberry thought be effective in following condition: Influenza - Clinical studies recommend that specific extract of elderberry may lessen the symptoms associated with flu. There is a specific syrup made of elderberry fruit extract (Sambucol, Nature's Way), when ingested 4 times every in a dose 15 mL (1 tablespoon) may lessen the duration and symptoms of influenza infection when given within two days of initial symptoms. Significant symptom relief appears to occur within 2-4 days of treatment for most patients. Normally, this particular extract of elderberry appears to lessen the duration of symptoms by about 56%. Another clinical research recommends that by daily consumption of specific extract of elderberry extract called (ViraBLOC, HerbalScience) taken in a dose of 175 mg four times daily for two days, initiating within 24 hours of primary symptoms, may decrease the symptoms associated with flu compared to placebo.

How Elderberry Works?

The most effective part of Sambucus nigra is the ripe fruit. There are a number of flavonoids in elderberries. The essential flavonoids are the cyanidin-3-sambubioside and anthocyanidins cyanidin 3-glucoside. Elderberries also contain isoquertin, rutin and hyperoside. There is also 3% tannins and essential oil in elderberry. The significant protein of elder is a lectin, which alternately known as Sambucus nigra agglutinin IVf. The anthocyanidins in elderberry remain in the plasma ½ hour after ingestion and are discharged in the urine as glucuronide conjugates. The half-life of elderberry anthocyanidins is estimated to be around two hours. The elderberry anthocyanidins are thought to have possibly anti-inflammatory effects as well as immunomodulating effects. Extract of elderberry has both immunomodulating and antiviral effects in human body. Extract of elderberry also represses hemagglutinin action and replication of number of flu infections. In vitro analysis shows that fruit extract of elderberry also represses H1N1 swine flue. Elderberry flavonoids seem to bind to H1N1 virions and protect the virus from entering host cells. Elderberry stem, leaves, seeds, bark and un-ripened natural product contain cyanogenic glycosides which discharge cyanide when used.

What Are The Side Effects /Adverse Reactions of Elderberry?

Fruit Extract of elderberry appears to be well-tolerated in normal conditions when used for up to five days. Lethal side effects have been reported in clinical trials in children and adults using specific extracts (i.e Sambucol, Nature's Way; ViraBLOC, Herbal Science). The unripe and raw fruit, leaves, seeds and other plant parts may leads to number of side effects such as vomiting, nausea or severe diarrhea because of cyanogenic glycosides. Dizziness, weakness, stupor and numbness have been reported following ingestion of elderberry juice from un-ripened fruit. For this reason, cooking would be the best option to remove toxicity. Oral consumption of elderberry pollen may lead to allergic reaction characterized by dyspnea and rhinitis in some patients who are allergic to grass pollen. Such individuals may also experience an allergic reaction to the extract of elderberry.

How Elderberry Interacts With Other Herbs and Supplements?

Not known.

How Elderberry Interacts With Drugs?

Immunosuppressants - Interaction rating between immunosuppressants and elderberry powder is moderate so be careful about this combination. Elderberry may affect the immunosuppressant therapy due to its immunostimulating activity. It increases the production of cytokines such as tumor necrosis and interleukin factor. Drugs containing immunosuppressant effect are basiliximab (Simulect), azathioprine (Imuran), daclizumab (Zenapax), cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune), mycophenolate (CellCept), prednisone (Deltasone, Orasone), muromonab-CD3 (OKT3, Orthoclone OKT3), sirolimus (Rapamune), tacrolimus (FK506, Prograf) and other corticosteroids (glucocorticoids).

How Elderberry Interacts With Foods?

Not known.

How Elderberry Interacts With Lab Tests?

Not known.

How Elderberry Interacts With Diseases and Conditions?

Autoimmune Diseases - Sambucus nigra might have immunostimulant effects. Elderberry seems to stimulate production of cytokines such as interleukin and tumor necrosis factor. It may exacerbate autoimmune disease by stimulating disease activity. So patients suffering from autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are advised to avoid elderberry.

What Should Be the Dose/Administration of Elderberry?

ORAL In order to treat influenza, typical dosage for adult is 15 mL (1 tablespoon), which should be consumed four times daily. Another particular extract of elderberry in a lozenge formulation (ViraBLOC, HerbalScience) should be consumed four times every day in a dosage of 175 mg for 2 days. Elderberry should be used within 24-48 hours of the symptom onset.


Elderberry is found in hot areas of the Europe and the North American. Some other areas include Northern Africa. The cooked fruit is made into jams, pies and flavorings.

General Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Specification sheet links below are a standard copy of the COA less the batch or lot number and manufactures dates. Specification sheet can be dated and should only be considered as a general information. Please contact and request an up to date COA if needed for specific updated information before placing order by filling out the contact form with product name and SKU number. If ordering quantities of twenty five kilos or more contact for availability.

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Elderberry Powder


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