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Alternative Names

Cherry plum, Mrobalan plum, Italian plum, Common plum, Damson plum, Blackthorn plum, Sloe plum, Allegheny Plum, Chickasaw plum, Cherokee plum, Florida sand plum, Sandhill plum, Sand plum, American plum, Wild plum, Beach plum, Canada plum, Black plum, Klamath plum, Oregon plum, Sierra plum

Scientific Name

Prunus Species

Why Do People Use Plum?

Preparations of Prunus species (Plum), like plum powder, have several constituents that are vital for human health. These constituents include sorbitol, dietary fiber and isatin are known to beneficial in regulate the functioning of the digestive system and for digestive issues.

Is It Safe To Use?

There is high amount of oxalic acid in plums that is a natural content found in number of vegetables and fruits, which may crystallize as oxalate stones in the urinary tract in some individuals. Individuals having oxalate urinary tract stones are suggested to avoid eating plums. Daily intake of sufficient amount of water is advised to keep the normal urine output even if these individuals want to eat them.

How Effective Is Plum?

There is no inadequate information available to rate the effectiveness of plum.

How Plum Works?

Aggregate antioxidant strength of Prunus species measured regarding ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) is 6259 µmol TE in every 100 g. Plum is a balanced source of vitamin C, which is also an effective natural antioxidant. Utilization of food rich in vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents, scavenge harmful free radicals and counter inflammation. Plum is also an effective source in health promoting flavonoid poly phenolic antioxidants like as lutein, zea-xanthin and cryptoxanthin in significant amounts. Zea-xanthin, which is an imperative dietary carotenoid, specifically ingested into the retinal macula lutea where it is thought to give protective UV light-filtering and antioxidant functions.

What Are The Side Effects /Adverse Reactions of Plum?

There is no side effect reported due to topical or oral consumption of plum powder.

How Plum Interacts With Other Herbs and Supplements?

Not known.

How Plum Interacts With Drugs?

Not known.

How Plum Interacts With Foods?

Not known.

How Plum Interacts With Lab Tests?

Not known.

How Plum Interacts With Diseases and Conditions?

Not known.

What Should Be the Dose/Administration of Plum?

There is no specific dosage information available for plum.


Large amount of minerals exist in plum such as fluoride, potassium and iron. In order to form of red blood cell, iron plays an important role. Potassium is an essential constituent of body fluids and cell that helps controlling blood pressure and heart rate.

General Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Specification sheet links below are a standard copy of the COA less the batch or lot number and manufactures dates. Specification sheet can be dated and should only be considered as a general information. Please contact and request an up to date COA if needed for specific updated information before placing order by filling out the contact form with product name and SKU number. If ordering quantities of twenty five kilos or more contact for availability.

Specification Sheets

Plum Powder


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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