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Question and answer page to tell us your thoughts on products you use along with the benefits of using a particular product. Posting common questions that are appropriate for this page will be permitted as well that would be considered as knowledgably information to viewers that may have a similar question and can find it within our search this site.

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Oskar / Germany / NDS / March 07, 2017


Q: May I let another shipping company (FedEx) pick up a package, because your shipping costs are very high to germany.


miryam aubert / nsw / March 17, 2017

juice powders

Q: I am trying to make an order of several kg as wholesale but your wholesale page only includes prices for fruit powders, how can i order the juice powders as wholesale? pls contact me at;


Hazel Correll / Indiana / April 04, 2017

Wild Lettuce Leaf Powder

Q: Where do you ship from? I need 25 kilo of Wild Lettuce Powder. I want to make sure you have it and what the shipping cost is before ordering.


Yezid Florez / fla / April 14, 2017


Q: 1)Do you garantee The product A.F.A. blue green algae is Microcistin free 100%? 2) The price for 25 kg in usd. 3) Origen is 100% USA? 4) are you in USA? 4) Is organic? Best Regards, Note: Please note this is not to USA. Pls reply: YF


Margaret / Florida / April 20, 2017

Pata de vaca

Q: says it comes in herb form. Only powder extract products available?


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