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Question and answer page to tell us your thoughts on products you use along with the benefits of using a particular product. Posting common questions that are appropriate for this page will be permitted as well that would be considered as knowledgably information to viewers that may have a similar question and can find it within our search this site.

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The purpose for this is to be informative to customer and viewer questions they may have about the products or website of Amazon Discovery LLC. to improve our service to you our customers.

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Vera / Florida / October 23, 2013

Acerola powder

Q: Could you please tell me how much vitamin C in all 7 kind Acerola powder?

A: The vitamin C content is only tested and recorded on the COA of the percentage extracts these are known as standardized extracts they would equal the percentage amount . Powder and concentrated extracts like a 4:1 are not tested or measured and recorded on the COA.

Lisa C Health / MD / November 06, 2013

Pata De Vaca

Q: I ordered 1 kilo from your source at Amazondiscovery, and have been taking it ever since, three times a day. I have not lost any weight at all.  I only need to lose about 5-10 lbs. I am curious if this only works if a person is seriously overweight?? I would appreciate any help with this question. Thanks,

A: The Pata de vaca should be taken 1 teaspoon mixed with six to eight ounces of water one half hour before every meal which should be at least three times per day. Results may vary with actual weight lose, people that have excessive weight should experience faster results then people with less weight. Also take in consideration that herb products depending on body types may take longer for some then others to see results over a period of time.

shmuel wahli / in / November 08, 2013

acerola cherry powder

Q: What is the amount of vit c per teaspoon? Or how many mgs per serving? I am looking for a supply of acerola cherry powder for our holistic health clinic. Please advise wholesale options. Thank you.

A: For powder and powder extract concentrate like a 4:1 it is not measured by manufactures. Standardized extracts like for example 10% would have a vitamin C content of 10%. For more information visit review the difference between powder and powder extracts.

J. Holcomb / North Carolina / December 25, 2013


Q: Hello - I've ordered cinchona powder from other sources and received a powder which had no flavor and no bitterness. Can you give me some assurance that an order from you will yield an infusion with the expected characteristics of cinchona? Thank you.

A: Chinchona is no longer imported into the United States it has be put on the endangered species list by the FDA and EPA. We sold all our inventory a few months back. There may be some suppliers that have the item in inventory by which the manufacture date should not be past the date the regulation was in effect.

Anna / NJ / January 09, 2014

Herb Powders

Q: Are your plant materials dried and ground into powder, or are they extracted and then dried onto a carrier powder?

A: The plant part is dried and ground into powder for powders extracts that are concentrated like a 4:1 the extracted compounds from plant part would be mixed or dried to the plant part powder to make up the concentrated extract which is usually with most products a finer end powder product.

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