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Question and answer page to tell us your thoughts on products you use along with the benefits of using a particular product. Posting common questions that are appropriate for this page will be permitted as well that would be considered as knowledgably information to viewers that may have a similar question and can find it within our search this site.

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The purpose for this is to be informative to customer and viewer questions they may have about the products or website of Amazon Discovery LLC. to improve our service to you our customers.

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Leo Hendricks / Washington, DC / August 13, 2013


Q: I learned of your product through Dr. David Williams. He mentions a study that was done involving 31 subjects. I would like to know where the study can be found on the web. or could you provide me information on the mechanism of action of bauhinia--if so, it would be greatly appreciated.

A: You would need to contact Dr. Williams for the source of the study that you are referring to. You can find the plant chemicals along with Pata de vaca information at

Doreen Stobbe / British Columbia / August 15, 2013

Pata de Vaca

Q: Do you offer free shipping to Canada after a certain value order? If not, do you know of a Canadian source?

A: At this time we offer dollar discount for order values of $800 or twenty five kilos or more of one product or multiple products. We do not have a source in Canada.

Sigrid Marshall / Coeur d Alene ID / August 16, 2013

Phone Order

Q: I ordered 1 Kilo (1 lbs. or close to 1 kilo?) in January...and would like to order the same again. I thought I did this by phone, but don't see your phone #?

A: Yes you starting 08/19/2013 customers now can place orders 24/7 the order line will be happy to assist you in your calls the number is 855-766-1772 for other inquirer use the Email Us box on any page of the website or visit our contact page for other options along with office hours

Sigrid Marshall / ID / August 19, 2013

Swedish Flower Pollen

Q: Looking for dosing instructions.

A: At this time with the Swedish Flower Pollen there is no particular dosage instructions reliable on taking raw powder. In this case with any raw powder products research the product for any contradictions it may have with other medicine, prescription drugs or other supplements you may be using. If nothing is available in researching then take precaution by taking very small dosage to start to make sure you do not have a allergic reaction Swedish Flower Pollen may carry traces of bee enzymes as with all pollen an allergic reaction can occur. Be careful if you are allergic to pollen or bees consult a physician I suggest not using if having pollen allergies.

Woody Clark / Michigan / August 19, 2013

Pata de Vaca


A: Yes there would be no problem with pre mixing I would do separated mixes for example if you use water 6 oz. or 8 oz. add 1 tablespoon to each separate mix Pata de vaca has a mild bitter taste so depending how many oz. of water you use dilutes the bitterness. Also you can measure out your doses and just add each dose to bottle or container that you have the water in.

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