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Question and answer page to tell us your thoughts on products you use along with the benefits of using a particular product. Posting common questions that are appropriate for this page will be permitted as well that would be considered as knowledgably information to viewers that may have a similar question and can find it within our search this site.

All questions are monitored by an administrator and will not be posted if deemed inappropriate which would consist of foul language, taunting or ridiculing a particular person or company, posting links or spamming appropriate action will be taken with the offending party being banned from posting to future FAQ questions.

The purpose for this is to be informative to customer and viewer questions they may have about the products or website of Amazon Discovery LLC. to improve our service to you our customers.

Thank You for your help

Clarence Opolsky / PA / August 20, 2013

Business Orders (ONLY)

Q: Do you have to own a business to use Business Account (ONLY) for shipping?

A: This question is being posted due to the fact that customers are using the Business Account (ONLY) as a shipping method. If ordering and there is no shipping account number placed in the field that states Business Account # then order will be canceled and will not be processed. Starting as of 08/20/2013 customers that use credit cards will be charged a $2 service fee to refund the order and PayPal customers will be charged the same $2 fee plus PayPal refund cost. NO EXCEPTIONS if customers cannot see in capital letters in RED not to use Business Shipping (ONLY) right below to the right of the drop menu for shipping cost on the order page we can no longer pay for banking charges due to not having a UPS or FedEx account number. For more info visit

Sheila / MA / August 25, 2013

Pata de Vaca

Q: Can Pata de Vaca powder be mixed in hot tea and still keep it's effectiveness?

A: Mixed with hot or cold water it should not matter in effectiveness using for diabetes no sugar or sugar substitute should be added there is a mild bitter taste.

Judy Heikkila / Michigan / August 25, 2013

pata de vaca

Q: Can I mix this powder in my "green" drink that I take daily rather that use is as a tea. I find the bitter taste hard to drink. I have been taking it for 2 weeks for diabetes 2 and instead of lower blood sugar readings my readings seem to be going higher. Any comments or suggestions?

A: Yes you can mix Pata de vaca anyway you prefer. Pata de vaca does not raise sugar levels unless you are adding sugar or a sugar byproduct in that case you are defeating the purpose. I am not a doctor so I cannot offer any advice on your condition you should confer with your medical practitioner.

Joan Paget / BC Canada / August 27, 2013

Pata De Vaca

Q: Why do I have to pay duty and customs on an shipment to Canada? I thought items such as this that help diabities would not be subject to charges.

A: Any product that ships to Canada duty and customs have to be paid by receiver of the shipment it is not Amazon Discovery rule or law it is the Canadian government law. Keep in mind that this product does not claim to prevent or cure any disease or illness.

Susan Hurley / California / September 01, 2013

Cabbage powder

Q: What is the glycemic load of your cabbage powder? I would like to use it with Aloe Vera juice for a friend who also has diabetes. Also, please consider an aloe vera powder. My friend is unable to leave the house and mostly bedridden so doing own juicing impossible at this time. I'm sure many of your powder users are unable to do own juicing and shopping. Thank you so much for providing these wonderful products.

A: Powder batches vary from manufacturer to manufacture and like any raw food product you would purchase from a directly from a farm or market compound microbiology counts are not tested. This type of testing is done by a manufacture that would be producing an end product. The powder products that are sold by Amazon Discovery are raw food powder.

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