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Question and answer page to tell us your thoughts on products you use along with the benefits of using a particular product. Posting common questions that are appropriate for this page will be permitted as well that would be considered as knowledgably information to viewers that may have a similar question and can find it within our search this site.

All questions are monitored by an administrator and will not be posted if deemed inappropriate which would consist of foul language, taunting or ridiculing a particular person or company, posting links or spamming appropriate action will be taken with the offending party being banned from posting to future FAQ questions.

The purpose for this is to be informative to customer and viewer questions they may have about the products or website of Amazon Discovery LLC. to improve our service to you our customers.

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nito verances / CA / December 27, 2014

Ecklonia Cava

Q: Where are this grown and where is it process into a powder?

A: Ecklonia Cava is brown algae and is not grown but harvested and depending on what manufacture we purchase the powder from would determine the country of origin.

nito verances / CA / December 30, 2014

Long Jack

Q: What does the potency 4:1 etc means? thanks

A: 4:1 is an concentrated extract which would have four times the compounds that of straight powder.

Conny / Sweden / January 12, 2015


Q: SKU 734 Maca Product Purchase Hi there! What kind of herbs should I choose if I want to have high Libido? I've tried black maca before, but maybe there is something that is b├Ątrre than maca? What kind encourages you? Would you explain the difference between Maca Extract 4:1 Extract 0.6%, giving a maximum of libido? Or have the libido is no difference between 4:1 and 0.6%? Does this also Catuaba 0.6% and Muira puama 0.3% that I bought earlier. Had I been better libido if I chose 4:1? Thanks in advance Conny

A: Sorry we do not make personal suggestions as to what products should be used for a medical condition you should refer to a professional nutritional doctor. 4:1 is a concentrated extract 0.6% is a standardized extract

Gregory Gonzalez / Texas / January 22, 2015

Wholesale Pricing

Q: I was interested in obtaining a catalog with wholesale pricing. A PDF or A hard copy would be grand. My address is 3128 Fairgate Dr. Carrollton Texas

A: Sorry we do not publish a catalog or send any literature due to constant changes with manufactures and their pricing.

George Hansen / Pennsylvania / March 06, 2015

Strawberry juice powder

Q: Do you sell strawberry juice powder ? Your site indicates that you sell strawberry fruit powder which is also an interesting but different product.

A: Strawberry juice powder would be manufactured from just the juice of the strawberry which we do not stock. The strawberry fruit powder is manufactured from the whole fruit which we do carry.

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